MARFY Executive Council

Jennifer McGlothlin-Renault


Arrow Child and Family Ministries

Chloe Perez

Public Policy Chair

Hearts and Homes for Youth

Donna McCarter

TFC Coalition Co-Chair

Neighbor to Family

Kevin Keegan


Catholic Charities

Tony Wilson

RTC Coalition Chair

Woodbourne Center

Paul Brylske

TFC Coalition Co-Chair

Kennedy Krieger

Mark Mittelman

Immediate Past-President

New Pathways / Pressley Ridge

Carrie Knebel

Events/Conference Chair


As a program of Maryland Nonprofits, MARFY’s Executive Council provides guidance and advice to the governing Board of Directors of Maryland Nonprofits related to MARFY member programming. The Executive Council is comprised of the highest-ranking staff person at each membership organization that wishes to be represented. All members of MARFY may be represented on the Council.